Difference between Warrant and Warrantee

What is the difference between Warrant and Warrantee?

Warrant as a noun is a protector or defender. while Warrantee as a noun is the beneficiary of a warranty.


Part of speech: verb

Definition: To protect, keep safe (from danger). To guarantee (something) to be (of a specified quality, value etc.). To guarantee as being true; to believe strongly. To authorize; to give (someone) warrant or sanction (to do something). To justify; to give grounds for.

Part of speech: noun

Definition: A protector or defender. Authorization or certification; sanction, as given by a superior. Something that provides assurance or confirmation; a guarantee or proof: a warrant of authenticity; a warrant for success. An order that serves as authorization, especially: A voucher authorizing payment or receipt of money. A judicial writ authorizing an officer to make a search, seizure, or arrest or to execute a judgment. A warrant officer. A certificate of appointment given to a warrant officer. An option, usually with a term at issue greater than a year, usually issued together with another security, to buy other securities of the issuer. A Warrant of Fitness; a document certifying that a motor vehicle meets certain standards of safety and mechanical soundness.

Example sentence: We have good security. It's hard to get in here. Barring a tactical entry where terrorists come in and hold us hostage, that's about the only thing that could possibly warrant me carrying a gun in the clubhouse. That's highly unlikely, and I admit that. But my personal belief is I don't want to suffer from the poor choices of others.


Part of speech: noun

Definition: The beneficiary of a warranty.

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