Difference between Alien and Extrinsic

What is the difference between Alien and Extrinsic?

Alien as an adjective is pertaining to an alien. while Extrinsic as an adjective is external, separable from the thing itself, inessential


Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Pertaining to an alien. Very unfamiliar, strange, or removed.

Part of speech: noun

Definition: A person, animal, plant or other thing which is from outside the family, group, organization, or territory under consideration. A foreigner residing in a country. Any life form of extraterrestrial origin.

Part of speech: verb

Definition: To estrange; to alienate.

Example sentence: A man who gives himself to be a possession of aliens leads a Yahoo life, having bartered his soul to a brute-master. He is not of them. He may stand against them, persuade himself of a mission, batter and twist them into something which they, of their own accord, would not have been.


Part of speech: adjective

Definition: external, separable from the thing itself, inessentialnot belonging to, outside of

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