Difference between Afflictive and Sore

What is the difference between Afflictive and Sore?

Afflictive as an adjective is that causes physical or mental pain while Sore as an adjective is causing pain or discomfort; painfully sensitive.


Part of speech: adjective

Definition: That causes physical or mental pain


Part of speech: adverb

Definition: Very, excessively, extremely.sorely.Sorely.

Part of speech: noun

Definition: An injured, infected, inflamed or diseased patch of skin.

Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Causing pain or discomfort; painfully sensitive.Feeling animosity towards; annoyed or angered.Dire; distressing.

Example sentence: A hangboard is a little piece of wood with edges, holes, and slopes. There's different strategies for different things - hanging, varying grips, adding weight. If I do a hard finger workout, I'm definitely sore.

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