Difference between Wrack and Rack

What is the difference between Wrack and Rack?

Wrack as a verb is to wreck, especially a ship (usually in passive) while Rack as a verb is to place in or hang on a rack


Part of speech: verb

Definition: to wreck, especially a ship (usually in passive)

Part of speech: noun

Definition: revenge, persecution ruin, destruction the remains; a wreck remnant from a shipwreck as washed ashore, or the right to claim such items any marine vegetation cast up on shore, especially seaweed of the genus Fucus weeds, vegetation or rubbish floating on a river or pond


Part of speech: noun

Definition: a series of one or more shelves, stacked one above the othera frame on which to hang various items.a device used to torture victims by stretching them beyond their natural limits.a pair of antlers (as on deer, moose or elk).a cut of meat involving several adjacent ribsa hollow triangle used for aligning the balls at the start of a game.a woman's breasts.a friction device for abseiling, consisting of 5 or more metal bars on a frame, around which the rope is threaded. Also rappel rack, abseil rack.

Part of speech: verb

Definition: To place in or hang on a rackTo put the balls into the triangular rack and set them in place on the table.To strike a male in the groin with the knee.stretch joints of a personTo fly, as vapour or broken cloudsTo clarify, and thereby deter further fermentation of, beer, wine or cider by draining or siphoning it from the dregs.

Example sentence: One does not contemplate it like a picture. The idea of contemplation disappears completely. Simply take note that it's a bottle rack, or that it's a bottle rack that has changed its destination... It's not the visual question of the readymade that counts; it's the fact that it exists, even.

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