Difference between Unsubdued and Wild

What is the difference between Unsubdued and Wild?

Unsubdued as an adjective is unconquered, not vanquished. while Wild as an adjective is untamed; not domesticated.


Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Unconquered, not vanquished. Restless, not calm.


Part of speech: adverb

Definition: Inaccurately; not on target.

Part of speech: verb

Definition: To commit random acts of assault, robbery, and rape in an urban setting, especially as a gang.

Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Untamed; not domesticated.Unrestrained or uninhibited.Raucous, unruly, or licentious.Visibly and overtly anxious; frantic.Disheveled, tangled, or untidy.Enthusiastic.Inaccurate.

Part of speech: noun

Definition: The undomesticated state of a wild animala wilderness

Example sentence: Every man has a wild beast within him.

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