Difference between Appositional and Modification

What is the difference between Appositional and Modification?

Appositional as an adjective is relating to apposition. while Modification as a noun is the act or result of modifying or the condition of being modified


Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Relating to apposition.


Part of speech: noun

Definition: the act or result of modifying or the condition of being modifiedan alteration or adjustment to somethinga change to an organism as a result of its environment that is not transmissable to offspringa change to a word when it is borrowed by another languagethe change undergone by a word when used in a construction (for instance am => 'm in I'm)

Example sentence: Genetic modification has many different areas, for example in medicine, and Britain is at the leading edge of this new technology. I don't know, but people tell me, it could indeed by the leading science of the 21st century. All I say to people is: 'Just keep an open mind and let us proceed according to genuine scientific evidence.'

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