Difference between Appal and Shock

What is the difference between Appal and Shock?

Appal as a verb is to fill with horror; to dismay. while Shock as a verb is to cause to be emotionally shocked.


Part of speech: verb

Definition: To fill with horror; to dismay.


Part of speech: noun

Definition: Sudden, heavy impact.Something so surprising that it is stunning.More fully electric shock, a sudden burst of electric energy, hitting an animate animal such as a human.A life-threatening medical emergency characterized by the inability of the circulatory system to supply enough oxygen to meet tissue requirements.A tuft or bunch of something (e.g. hair, grass)An arrangement of sheaves for drying. A stook.

Part of speech: verb

Definition: To cause to be emotionally shocked.To give an electric shock.

Example sentence: Just as the body goes into shock after a physical trauma, so does the human psyche go into shock after the impact of a major loss.

We hope you now know whether to use Appal or Shock in your sentence.

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