Difference between Aimless and Unsettled

What is the difference between Aimless and Unsettled?

Aimless as an adjective is without aim, purpose, or direction. while Unsettled as an adjective is disturbed, upset.


Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Without aim, purpose, or direction.

Example sentence: I was part of a generation where kids had a lot of freedom and aimless downtime. I had no scheduled after-school activities. As long as you came home for dinner, everything was fine.


Part of speech: verb

Definition: To make upset or uncomfortable

Part of speech: adjective

Definition: Disturbed, upset.Not in a steady condition, uncertain, subject to change.Not populated, having no settlers or other inhabitants.Unpaid.

Example sentence: When I'm stuck in my writing, the world is amiss. If I'm eating a sandwich, it's an unsettled sandwich. If I'm in the shower, it's an incorrect shower. It's profoundly uncomfortable. But it's what keeps me pushing.

We hope you now know whether to use Aimless or Unsettled in your sentence.

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